Here is a video showing you closeups of works that are on display at Sertoma Arts Center June 2021:

Here are videos that show you the varied work created by this dynamic group that was publicly displayed at the FRANK Outreach Gallery in August 2018. Enjoy!

Video of the fabulous space with our work.

Video with images up close and personal sharing individual pieces of art work.

Video sharing photos of the various demonstrations that our individuals conducted at the site…


This video describes Visual Literacy principles that define a continuum of styles adopted by artists. It references the impact of certain visual characteristics. Work here is from the Frontier work viewed during October, 2017.

This video shows you how a modern house for sale in Chapel Hill was successfully staged using our art works!

This video is a creative capture of TVA work hanging at the Frontier in Research Triangle the month of May 2017.

This video shows you what was on display at the Frontier in Research Triangle during the summer of 2017.

This video is about the work of Fred Good, who was our treasurer for a number of years!