My medium are cutouts in a soft single metal sheet (aluminum) that I then stain either monochromatically or spray with colors. I found my relatively uncommon medium to be most suitable for the character of my expression. It allows me to perform the cutouts by hand, and to change my mind at a whim, while I am cutting. My underlying drawings are rough and approximate, and so are my cutouts. I populate my scenes with animals, real or fake, placing them in landscapes, natural or urban, much more rarely with people.


Tomasz Hueckel is a self-taught artist. Except for basic university art courses, he does not have professional art training. But he loves art ! He can spend hours in art museums, and traveling widely for professional reasons had an opportunity to see many of them, from Sydney to Santa Fe, from Madrid to Mantua. For him, there is no better way to learn art.

Born and educated in Poland, has lived for 6 years in Italy, a bit in France, Switzerland and Spain (during sabbaticals). He came to the US in 1987. He started his art activity late in live, at about 65. As he still is active professionally, and as it takes time to cut metal with nail scissors, his artistic output is quite modest (but steady).

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Orange County Artist Guild (OCAG), Guild of American Papercutters (GAP), Schweizerische Verein Freunde des Scherenschnitts (Swiss Association of Papercutting Friends