Dancing on the Roof by Chrystal Hardt

Dancing on the Roof is a 8 foot by 16 foot mural that is in the process of being painted on the side of the Kirby Cultural Arts Complex in Roxboro.  It is a joyful example of how people of all cultures are the same when inspired by great rhythms.  Everyone loves to dance and make merry with music.  We are all more alike than we are different from each other.  Music and art bring us together like nothing else can. Designed to be a welcoming and connecting work, this mural will add to the community a joyous hope for the future.

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Trudy Thomson

Trudy Thomson is a web designer and an artist who works in Fiber and Fused Glass. You can see her artwork at: http://fernsandfancy.com She is also a member of the Orange County Artists Guild, http://ocagnc.org

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