I am drawn to rhythms and patterns found in the natural environment. This appears in many forms: the ripples and waves of water, the effects created by the ebb and flow of surf on sand, the wispy appearance of fire, the swirls of clouds, the flutter of leaves on trees, the multifaceted shapes of buds and flowers, the feathered wings of birds.

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Trudy Thomson attended fiber art and jewelry classes at Rochester Institute of Technology in the early seventies and has been to the Penland School of Crafts three times to study fiber structures, weaving & tapestry, hand dyeing, painting and marbling fabric, as well as mixing metals with glass. She also has an advanced degree from UNC in Media with an emphasis on Graphic Design, which is reflected in her professional work in the field of video production and web design. See her arts and crafts at this website. Find out more about her web design at this website.

The first artists group that Trudy participated in is Center Gallery. Trudy is also a member of the Orange County Artists Guild, which she participates in during their yearly Open Studio Tour. She has a personal gallery on her property in Chapel Hill, which can be viewed by appointment. Trudy’s work is on also on display at the NC Crafts Gallery.