As a photographer, I look to capture those fleeting moments of light and shadow that transform what we commonly see into unique experiences. Many of my photographs explore the impact of water on light and shape – softened details, patterns, and the effect that being near the water has on us as individuals. Note that I frequently print in 24 x 36 inch or 13 x 19 inches, but upon request my photographs can be printed in any size.

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Dennis Szerszen spent most of his adult life in the software industry, first with IBM, then with a number of startups that kept him travelling throughout his career. In 2014, He began working full-time to develop his artistic aesthetics. He intends to move more into abstract photography and to explore collaboration as a way to combine photograph with other 2-dimensional arts.

He is a member of the Durham Art Guild, and volunteers with the Karen Youth Art Group through the Frank Gallery’s outreach program. He is also staff photographer for a local magazine in the triangle area.

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