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This information is a place where members of our group can access documents related to our various activities. View here online by click the link and if you want you can print it off!

TVA Events Confirmed – to Explore – Already Held – Rejected

Venue Assessment new for TVA


New Artist Labels TVA Master Template As PDF

Artist Inventory List

How to Access TVA Google Calendar and Enter Event Info

Application Info & Images for Triangle Visual Artists

Public Relation Tips and PSAs

PR Activity Tips and Public Service Announcements Oct 2017

Social Media links

Our Facebook Page  Link to this after you become a member of Facebook

Link to TVA on Instagram

Note: after you have joined Instagram you can use this hashtag to reference TVA: #trivisartists

How to use Gramblr and Instagram

Communicating with Members

Use this list serve to email everyone in the group:

TVA Roster Sept. 2017

Member Responsibilities

TVA Responsibilities October 14 – 2017

Quarterly Meetings  Held   April 1, 2017   June 24, 2017    NEXT: moved to October 14, 2017   January 6th, 2018

TVAMember Minutes 10-14-17

Formation of TVA

TVA Mission, Business, Bylaws