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  • Have Your Way with the Weft in Tapestry

    Recently I have been exploring new materials to spice up the appeal of my tapestries. These first two images show you part of a piece I named, The River Runs Through. At the left you see the strips I used that were torn from a variety of sari silks. The rich variety of colors and […]

  • Trash to Treasure by Jillian Goldberg

    Living in Western society today, we are constantly reminded of the dangers of polluting and destroying our environment with not only carbon emissions but also the simple detritus of everyday life. Plastic bags, bottles, and more clog our waterways and oceans, proving hazardous and often fatal to creatures of forest, sea, and air. There are many […]

  • Painting Loosely by David Taylor

      Painting loosely is a long-time goal and a continuing struggle.  Although I am proud of paintings that are fairly precise, none of my paintings would ever be confused for a photograph.  Nor would I want them to be.  But, since most of my paintings begin from photos I have taken, they exert a strong […]