Previously identified as Chapel Hill Art Gallery, we have transitioned from a gallery located at a Franklin Street address to a new virtual entity that you can always find here on line. Although we do not have a physical home, our art has a real presence as it is viewed in many places each month of the upcoming year — throughout the triangle.

We will remain viable as artists that work in many different mediums that represent visual arts. Hence our new name…Triangle Visual Artists! Our new idea is to stay on the move so you can view us at many different venues. And we are likely to reach even more people!

Here are the details about the first event we will participate. It should be fun and is very soon!


Composite of Triangle Visual Artists work


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As you purchase art, or become interested in making your own art, we hope that this page with links to Material Resources is useful. It includes a list of what we consider the best sources for making our art.

To get a well-rounded view of what is happening across the triangle visit this list of Art Links for Visual Artists.